we are all of the english speak now - מועדון הדיבייט - פורום סטודנטים של אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון

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we are all of the english speak now

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for anyone who wants to better his english - write a paragraph answering (agreeing or disagreeing) with my opinion:

The french are proposing a double-standart model, which is insustainable in realistic law-abiding law: on the first hand, they will not accept any marriage besides a civil marriage. but on the other, they will sue someone for polygamy if he's religiously married to several women. Where are the boundaries set? Are communes forbidden? what about mistresses? live-in mistresses? The french aren't known for their fidelity or monogamy, and yet, when it comes to muslims, they will always over-react. First have a prime-minister that can hold unto one wife during his term in office, and then we'll talk about how a proper marriage should look like.

for those interested, marriage in france:

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